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Puppermint - Belly Hugs - Digestive Formula

Puppermint - Belly Hugs - Digestive Formula

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Digestive Formula 

Absorb - Sooth - Regulate 


・ Slippery Elm Bark and Marshmallow root regulate the digestive system 

・ Bromelain in pineapple helps to break down proteins 

・ Supports long-term digestive health


Net weight: 

Standard can: 110g


Active ingredients per 1 rounded teaspoon (approx 3.7g):

Organic Pumpkin Powder - 1150 mg

Organic Wild Yam Powder - 900 mg

Organic Pineapple Powder - 750 mg

Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder - 500 mg

Organic Marshmallow Root Powder - 400 mg


Inactive ingredients: none 


Recommended Dosage: 1 rounded teaspoon (approx 3.7g) per 10kg body weight per day

For Dog and Cat use

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