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Muze Ayurvedic Handmade Wellness Soap - All Purpose (Vegan)

Muze Ayurvedic Handmade Wellness Soap - All Purpose (Vegan)

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Muze Ayurvedic Handmade Wellness Soap - All Purpose (Vegan)


Ingredients :

Virgin coconut oil & Milk, Water, Cinnamon oil & Leaves, Kohomba Oil & Skin, Citronella oil, Sesame oil, Aralu, Bulu, Nelli, Athividayam, Esala Skin, Murwa, Wadakaha root, Thirassawalu, Ratnitul, Adhathoda, Tumeric, Wenivael geta, Ruk Attana, Rasakinda, Nika root, Thippili, Aba seed, Inguru root, Kottam, Madurutala, Pagirimana, Tumba, Walangasal, Katphala, Surasi, Kulahala, Meekanpala, Siritekku, Mukunuwenna, Kalukemmeriya, Lunumidella, Sumuka, Agil, Pethi Tora, Asavaka


Artisan Ayurveda Apothcary | Handmade Body Soap

Muze Ayurvedic Herbal Wellness Soap is handmade by specifically formulated Ancient Healing Ayurveda Recipes & neatly 40 rare herbal extracts with proven medicinal properties to add nutrition to the skin and boost immunity against infectious disease.   

This wellness soap is suitable for everyone who want beautiful youthful skin.


Why Ayurvedic handmade Soap?

Ayurveda natural Herbal bath is an ancient therapeutic & healing practice that removes accumulated toxins, sweat and dirt from the skin, restores physical energy to the body, and relaxes the mind by balancing one’s emotions. It will help to invigorate the body and calm the mind and drift we off to complete rejuvenation.


However it may not be easy for us to access herbal bath regularly. So we are here to help! Using our Ayurveda body soap which contains a variety of natural herbs that make your every night shower heals!


What Is Muze Ayurvedic Wellness Soap?

Our Ayurvedic soap is crafted with the doshas and your Ayurvedic body type (or prakriti) in mind.


We, Muze brings to life, the ancient Ayurvedic formula and techniques of infusing essential oils, plant oils, nourishing herbs that are specially chosen for their known benefits to skin care, to create this series of exquisites handcrafted Ayurvedic soaps.


In today’s day and age, given our daily exposure to a multitude of toxins and impurities, it is best to avoid harsh, chemical cleansers that strip the skin of its natural oils and radiance.


Using natural oil with wonderful nourishing, aromatic herbs that do more than just cleanse your skin with the care and comfort it deserves —they also have the power to heal your skin, uplift the mind and emotions, calm the nervous system, and contribute to your overall well-being and state of natural balance.

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