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Hoya Barkery - Nutri dash cat - Skin & Coat

Hoya Barkery - Nutri dash cat - Skin & Coat

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A little sprinkle of Nutri Dash for cats on your feline's main meal, both kibbles and wet food, spruces up the flavor and gives them nutrition boost. It is great for picky eaters and for those that get bored of the same food every day (because who doesn't!). Nutri Dash can be rotated between the two recipes without altering their main meal which may cause loose stool or upset stomach.
Nutri Dash is convenient to take on trips, has long shelf life and a little bit goes a long way. The only ingredients are 80% meat 15% colorful vegetables and 5% herbs.

l   meal topper especially formulated for cats

l   high protein

l   contains 80% meat

l   contains herbs that are essential to feline well-being

l   no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

80 ml. per container


Skin & Coat recipe

salmon - omega fatty acids nourishes skin and coat

purple sweet potatoes - antioxidant

rosemany - encourages hair growth



sprinkle over dry or wet food per pet's weight

<10 kg. 1 teaspoon

10-20 kg. 2 teaspoon



Once opened, product can stay in room temperature for about 45 days. If you wish to keep it longer, please refrigerate.

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