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Woof & Purr by Muzelifestyle

CUTIE CACTI - Plant Dyed Handmade Pet Bow

CUTIE CACTI - Plant Dyed Handmade Pet Bow

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Plant Dyed Handmade Pet Bowtie

Let’s dress up our fur babies & include them in our eco-friendly & sustainable living


Handmade with LOVE

Medicinal Plant Natural Dyes · Eco-friendly · Sustainable · Zero waste ·

Low Carbon Footprint · Biodegradable · Woman Empowerment · Ethical

Shopping For Good: For every pc sold, Woof & Purr by Muze will donate HKD10 for Animal Rescue / Adoption groups.


Hand Dyed by: Organic homegrown turmeric.

Hand embroidered: Cacti
Size: [12cm], [8cm] length

About the Fabric:   Khadi – A cloth and beyond
Khadi is hand-spun and woven cotton fabric synonymous with India's freedom struggle. It is a precious craft that intervened with the story of India. Khadi not only represents the many-thousand-year-old traditional textile culture in India, but it also symbolizes the spirit of freedom. 
The term ‘Khadi’ was coined by Mahatma Gandhi and embodied the spirit of self-reliance and self-governance during the pre-independence period of India. It became a symbol of resistance and was inextricably bound to Indian identity. It marked the start of a democracy in the true sense. Khadi is widely used and holds high socio-cultural significance even today.
Ways of coloring - Medicinal Plant Natural Dyes
Our Fabric is colored according to the wisdom of Ayurveda by using 100% natural plant dyes rich in medicinal properties. The fabrics are known locally as 'healing cloths' and are used more for health than for fashion
Natural plant dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants or minerals. Each of our natural colors is achieved using mindfully selected herbs, spices, plants, flowers, roots, and barks, 100% vegan.

*Every Woof & Purr by Muze Product is a unique handcraft and there will be slight variations in colors, textures and patterns which occur during the natural dyeing process.


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