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Natural Dry Clean Powder for Pets

Natural Dry Clean Powder for Pets

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A gentle and natural pet's dry clean powder

Deodorize, refresh & help absorb excess oil in between regular shampoo. Also suitable for sick and elderly pets that are unable to take bath temporary.

Suitable for dogs & cats

** Dry Clean Powder cannot replace regular wet shampoo bath

Free of harmful chemicals . Non-scented . Certified PETA cruelty free


1- Sprinkle lightly on pet's coat
(too much powder will make it hard to remove & make sure to shield their face, nose and eyes, when sprinkling it on). Avoid powder from wound and gential area as well.

2- Gently rub the dry powder onto the coat and thoroughly brush the pet's coat in all directions to get the powder off.

II Ingredients II
zea mays, sodium bicarbonate, UK kaolin clay

II Cautions II
** do NOT use on wounds, eyes, nose, ear, mouth, genital areas. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult with veterinarian. External use only

II size II

II Expiration II
12 months

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